Buying small clothes, decorating a room, and choosing a name are all part of the process of welcoming a new child into your house. Though these things are fun, you have to baby-proof your apartment as well. 

When you’ve got a baby that just sleeps and eats on repeat, your apartment is safe in general. However, as soon as your small child moves on his or her own, things will go difficult for you.  

Before your baby learns how to crawl, you should baby-proof your apartment. Here are some tips you can follow when baby-proofing your studio apartment Toronto property: 

Lock the Front Door 

In general, kids are curious. As soon as your baby grows, he or she will be more curious. You’ve got to ensure you lock the front door always so your baby cannot walk out and explore the apartment complex alone.  

Also, it’s a wise move to close other doors in your apartment so your baby cannot slam their fingers in them.  

Evaluate Your Kitchen 

Ensure that you baby-proof your kitchen since they’re the most dangerous place for your kid. Hot ovens and stoves can cause burns. As much as possible, ensure you have stove knob covers. Also, try to use the back burners when cooking rather than the front burners.  

If your cabinets contain cleaning products or glass, make sure you place locks. If you don’t want your child to disturb you while you cook, close your kitchen door.  

Secure Every Cabinet 

Babies love the doors of your cabinets. They close and open them. They also enjoy banging them. Unluckily, they are a potential risk since they often store items that are dangerous to babies. Some of the cabinets that you have to secure in your apartment include: 

  • Water heater cabinet 
  • Cleaning chemicals and cleaning supplies cabinet 
  • Bathroom cabinets 
  • Kitchen cabinets 
  • Liquor cabinets 
  • Medicine cabinet 

Since every cabinet is filled with possible hazards, you can either purchase locks or transfer all dangerous items out of the baby’s reach.  

If you want to be very safe, you can do both of these things.  

Cover Every Outlet 

Each room in your apartment has electrical outlets on the wall. Your baby can electrocute himself if they stick their fingers inside them. This is perhaps the most dangerous thing they can do. 

That is why you have to install outlet covers on every plug to prevent this. In addition to that, you can try placing furniture in front of the outlets to cover them. However, keep in mind that your kids can pull furniture onto themselves. Thus, you should secure these things as well. 

Install Baby Gates 

Baby gates are an excellent way to keep your child safe and out of any hazardous area. Baby gates help your baby steer clear of stairs and prevent falls. However, there are a couple of other things you can use baby gates for.  

The truth is that you can install baby gates anywhere in your apartment. For instance, you can place a baby gate in the kitchen door to prevent your baby from getting inside while you’re cooking.