The advantages of spray foam insulation are worth looking into if you’re looking to upgrade older insulation or insulate a new property.  

While this form of insulation is a bit costlier compared to the other forms, the advantages of spray foam insulation Portland can actually save you a lot of money in the long term.  

Here are several reasons why you should choose spray foam insulation for your property: 

Improves the Walls’ Sturdiness 

Because of its hardness and density, closed-cell insulation can really improve the durability of your walls.  

Each property is constructed after a code that needs the walls to meet a standard minimum load-bearing to hold the property together. But, the standard minimum does not consider environmental factors.  

Earthquakes, heavy snow, and strong winds can be pretty troublesome.  

You can save your roof during storms if you insulate your attic using close foam. Also, the extra protection layer to your walls can improve your property’s value. 

Stops the Growth of Mildew and Mold 

Both closed and open-cell foam insulation stops moisture from entering through your property’s walls. While both forms of foam lower the condensation buildup, the closed-cell spray foam works better against huge amounts of water.  

Stops Small Rodents, Insects, and Bugs from Getting Inside Your House 

The small holes in your property are an invitation to small rodents, bugs, and ants. Luckily, you can fill these tiny crevices and cracks using spray foam. If you want to generate a barrier against small insects, closed-cell spray foam is an ideal option.  

The foam gets hard once it is sprayed into the tiny holes. This hard barrier deters insects and rodents. You’re also lowering the possibilities of getting ill from rodent waste if you keep rodents and insects away.  

No More Allergens and Pollen inside Your Property 

One of the advantages of spray foam insulation is lowering the number of allergens or pollens that pass through the walls.  

Because of the fact that the foam covers crevices and cracks, the air can’t penetrate your walls. You are helping people who are suffering from breathing illnesses or allergies if you lower the number of allergens that get inside your property.  

Properties insulated with spray foam insulation make people more productive and more comfortable. You can save money on medical bills as well if you insulate your home. 

Lowers Noise 

If you are living in a noisy neighborhood, open-cell spray foam might be your ideal option since it has the capability of greatly lowering noise. The open cells inside the foam lower noise more compared to other forms of insulation. 

Heating and Cooling Advantages 

Getting into tiny crevices and cracks is one of the special benefits of spray foam. It dries and expands rapidly while blocking water and air once the foam is directly applied to the cracks. Aside from blocking water and air, spray foam also blocks cold and heat as well.  

Foam insulation can drastically lower your cooling and heating bills. This depends on where you live.