Tech Cred Industry-Recognized Credential Ohio

How High Schools can upskill their teachers to upskill their students

Ohio has a funding grant available to all businesses in the state, including High Schools. The state, like the majority of the country, is facing a workforce shortage. That shortage began when baby boomers began to retire but also coincided with the majority of gen x picking the college route rather than the skilled trade route. These multiple collisions have put Ohio in a major skilled labor crunch. A strong economy and an impending drop (so say the economists) coupled with an election year could create the beginning of a perfect storm. It seems like there is grant money everywhere to save jobs, create jobs and to re-train workers. Finally, a few of the grants are for high schools, as mentioned in Ohio’s Education strategic plan. Most of these grants focus on STEM and Industry-Recognized Credentials. One specific credential is Lean Six Sigma. This is a game-changer for Ohio students. Graduating high school with a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is the goal. So, high schools, find the grants and upskill your teachers so they can upskill your students.